Baptism outwardly symbolizes the inward reality that we have “died” to our old self and have been “raised” to a new life with God. It is a public profession of your faith. If you desire to take the next step in your faith and be baptized, contact us at church@claycentercovenant.com or 785.632.5653.


Baptism has been an ongoing area of division within the historic Protestant church.  The early Covenanters who formed our denomination did not want to let this issue to continue to divide. Therefore Covenant church has a unique understanding of Baptism in which we perform both infant dedication and infant baptism, depending upon the theological convictions of the parents.
However, regardless of whether an infant is baptized or dedicated, we believe that Christian parenting and the role of the local church in forming disciples is absolutely essential.  Therefore, we assist committed Christian parents in thinking through the theological implications and differences between infant dedication and infant baptism, hoping that each family will come to their own biblical convictions. Christian couples committed to their faith and raising their children within the care of the local church are welcome to have their children either dedicated or baptized.
For a fuller explanation on how we think about Baptism, please open the document linked below or contact the office for a free copy.

Brief Theology of Baptism

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