Hebrews :: Jesus is the New Holy Place

Jesus is where God and humanity meet in a single person! I know many Christians who, having determined to read their way through the entire bible, wind up quitting as soon as they hit the biblical “axis of confusion”: Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. It seems that the most avid and determined readers of the bible… Continue Reading

Hebrews :: Jesus is a Better Covenant

Jesus is a Better Covenant! This week in our series in the letter of Hebrews we will continue looking at what it means to have Jesus as our High Priest – the true “Melchizedek” – who offers us a better covenant than what we had under the Old Testament law. While the book of Hebrews… Continue Reading

Hebrews :: Jesus Is Better Than Melchizidek

Who is Melchizedek & why does it matter? This week in our series in the letter of Hebrews we will explore the mysterious Old Testament figure named Melchizedek. Other than his encounter with Abraham in Gen. 14, Melchizedek does not appear again in any other narrative. However, in Psalm 110 God promises to His “anointed… Continue Reading

Hebrews: Don’t Fall Away From Jesus

Can a Christian lose their salvation? This week in our series in the letter of Hebrews we will wrestle together with a theological issue which the church at large has debated for centuries: can a Christian lose their salvation in Jesus? While I certainly don’t pretend to have spoken the final word on this hotly… Continue Reading

Hebrews :: Jesus Is The True High Priest

What is a High Priest & what does Jesus have to do with it? This week in our series in the letter of Hebrews the writer will begin his lengthy teaching about the high priesthood of Jesus. Over the next several chapters, the writer will go to great lengths in describing how Jesus not only… Continue Reading

Hebrews :: Jesus Is Better Than Moses

How do we enter into the “rest” of God? This week in our study in the book of Hebrews we will explore how God issues an invitation to His people to enter into His “rest”. The word used in the Greek text for “rest” is the same one that is used to describe God’s “Sabbath”… Continue Reading

Hebrews :: Don’t Forget Jesus :: September 9, 2018

Hebrews :: Don’t Forget Jesus :: September 9, 2018

Does the “man upstairs” understand our trials and temptations? Last week we started a new series in the New Testament letter of Hebrews. In this letter, the writer tries to persuade the formerly Jewish community to which he writes to NOT abandon their faith in Jesus by going back to the synagogue. In doing so,… Continue Reading

Jesus Is Better

Jesus Is Better

Is Jesus better? How do you keep your faith in times and places where being a Christian is not welcome or popular? How do you keep your faith when there is pressure from family and friends to not express your faith or your faith convictions? How do you keep faith when – quite simply –… Continue Reading

Launch Sunday

Launch Sunday

Ready to Launch? This weekend will be our Fall launch as we prepare for the upcoming ministry season. Each semester we “launch” new groups, classes, and ministry opportunities for you to engage with in accordance with our church’s vision and mission. This semester’s theme will be asking the question, “What is God doing ‘to me’… Continue Reading

Gospel Clarity: The Power of the Imperative

Blog Post for Sunday, August 19, 2018 How does living with Gospel Clarity help us grow into spiritual and emotional health? Last week we explored together the way in which the New Testament helps to give us “gospel clarity” on our lives and circumstances. My contention is that a spiritually mature Christian who is growing… Continue Reading