The Three Chairs

The Three Chairs

 Check Your Spiritual Vital Signs

Vital signs. You know, those indicators of your physical health: temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. As people created in the “image of God”, we also have a spiritual dimension to us that needs to be checked regularly. Even if we “feel” okay and “think” we’re healthy, what are some signs that might let us know how we’re really doing?

I use these Three Chairs to illustrate how people generally fall into three categories—those who know God, personally; those who know about God; and those who don’t know God at all. Which chair am I in? Should I move? How do I get closer to where God wants me to be?

My goal this, my first Sunday with you, is to give you a hint about who I am, what motivates me, and what’s my message. 

 Pastor Jeff

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