Bless :: Begin With Prayer

Bless :: Begin With Prayer

What is Jesus burdened to pray for?

In Matthew 9:35-38, at the height of his success as a teacher and healer, Jesus makes an odd prayer request to His disciples: He calls them to PRAY to God for more helpers. For Jesus, reaching the many lost and hurting people around Him was not something He felt He could take on all by Himself. The burden of His heart was not for more opportunities to display His power, but for willing laborers – co-workers! – whom would join with Him in fulfilling His Father’s mission. 

At first glance, this seems like an odd prayer request, doesn’t it? Think about: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whom has all power and authority in heaven and earth, is burdened – yes, burdened! – for more Christians like you and me to take up the cause of the kingdom and be used by God to bring the message of salvation to others. Wow! What a privilege; what an honor; what a calling!

This Sunday we will begin a five-week message series based on five very simple missional practices which make up the acronym BLESS. Each week we will learn about a different “practice” that we can implement in our lives to reach out to others who don’t yet know the love and lordship of Jesus in their lives. Our first message will be on the letter “B” which stands for “Begin with PRAYER.” As part of my message I will have my lovely wife, Suzanne, join me on the stage to share an inspiring testimony about how God recently used her (and her prayers!) to help influence a dying friend to embrace faith in Jesus Christ. 

So please plan on joining us for Sunday morning to hear more and learn about practical ways that we can begin to pray for not only the harvest itself, but how God may want to use us in our daily lives to help others come to know Jesus in a personal and saving way!


Pastor Grant

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