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Jesus is a Better Covenant!

This week in our series in the letter of Hebrews we will continue looking at what it means to have Jesus as our High Priest – the true “Melchizedek” – who offers us a better covenant than what we had under the Old Testament law. While the book of Hebrews is an interpretive challenge for Christians who aren’t familiar with the world of the Old Testament (which, admittedly, is the majority of us!), once we begin to grasp significance of how Jesus fulfills the sacrificial system Israel had in place, a very rich and robust vision of Jesus begins to emerge – a vision which has the potential of transforming our lives!

This week I will be out of town at my 20th college reunion (where has the time gone?), Roger Desrosiers will be leading our study from Hebrews 8. Roger has a great teaching prepared for us so I am excited to see how God speaks to each of you this weekend.

I look forward to rejoining you next Sunday!

Pastor Grant

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