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Sunday, June 13, 2021
This Sunday we head to the park for our Sunday morning worship service. In fact, for the next 6 weeks we will be worshipping in the park (unless it rains) — engaging with one another, engaging with our community, and by the grace of God engaging with Jesus outside the walls. 
Jesus didn’t remain much within the walls! 
Scriptures share scenes of Jesus on 
  • hillsides and mountain tops;
  • in homes and reclining at tables; 
  • under the shade of trees and leaning against the walls of a well; 
  • in boats and on a cross.
Outside the walls…
Jesus didn’t remain much within the walls… be they physical, assumed, expected, religious, erroneous or otherwise.
Even his teaching within these ‘outside’ events went beyond the walls and lines that had been established or assumed:
  • Teaching on faith while on a boat within a storm
  • Discussing forgiveness at a meal following an alarming act of kindness
  • Lessons on serving and provision on a hillside that sloped toward the impossible
  • Declaring where worth resides while exchanging words and sips at a water fountain.
Jesus didn’t remain much within walls…
May Jesus extend, push back, tear down and re-establish lines and walls as we connect with Him, one another, and our community… even at a bandshell in a park!


Brad Mann

Welcome! We are so glad you are here! If you are a guest with us this Sunday, join us in Dexter Park at 9am, June 13 – July 18 or online on our YouTube Channel for our service or email us at We want you to feel welcome, so be sure to let us know if you need anything!

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