Sept 20, 2020

Blog 9-13-20

If you have been attending church for any length of time, you have probably heard a plethora of sermons – some you may still be able to recall, most probably not. I wonder if a sermon spoken by Jesus would be one we would remember?
I’m pretty certain the teaching Jesus shared on a hillside (recorded in Matt 5-7) was one that was not soon forgotten by those who were present that day. I say this because Jesus shared in that one sermon about topics like:
Attitudes, name calling, being a difference, motives, grudges, marriage, relationships, words, revenge, bias, generosity, prayer.
And that is only mid-way into his message!
Any of those tweak your interest?  Me too!
And evidently many others – I’ve read how this one message taught by Jesus had life-changing (arguably world-changing) impact on people like Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
One sermon – taught by the One we long to follow – focusing on the better way to live into each of those areas (& more!).
Join us this Sunday as we begin
THE WAY: exploring the sermon on the mount
Matthew 5:1-12

Pastor Brad


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