We believe the church is the hope of the world and that every Christian should be committed to the mission of a local church.  Therefore, membership at CCCov is not about being part of a club or having your name on the church roster but rather becoming a partner in advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ (Phil. 1:7).  We define membership by the “Four G’s”:
  1. GROWING :: We commit to growing in our faith through worship, prayer, bible study & fellowship
  2. GIFTS :: We commit to discovering & using our spiritual gifts to the glory of God
  3. GIVING :: We commit to financial stewardship & regular tithing to the mission of the local church
  4. GROUPS :: We commit to being involved in the lives of other believers by participating in Home Groups
If you desire to learn more about our church and become a member, we encourage you to take the Next Step and let us know of your interest

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