We believe the overall story-line of the Bible teaches us about God’s mission to redeem the lost world which He created.  We call the Bible’s story-line “Redemptive History”. Read more […]


One of the best ways to experience a gospel-driven life to its fullest is by joining a group or becoming an active part in a ministry. Read more about group and ministry options here at CCCov.


Do you want to find a place to serve, but don’t know where to start? Are you hesitant to make a long term commitment because you don’t know if it would be a good fit? What if you could “test drive” a ministry opportunity? A firstServe opportunity is a one-time, no obligation serving experience meant to give you a first-hand experience of that ministry area. Read more […]


Part of Jesus ministry on earth was healing the sick, seeking the lost, and restoring the wayward. We take the ministry of helping hurting people seriously. Learn more […]

Membership Class

Membership Class Testimony Form HERE


Christian couples committed to their faith and raising their children within the care of the local church are welcome to have their children either dedicated or baptized. Read more […]

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