‘Worship’ is bringing praise, adoration, and honor to God – and as a ‘worship ministry,’ we are called to lead the people of God into worship through song, visuals, prayer, scripture, reflection, confession, and more. Worship is more than just singing, and while that is often a main focus – joining together as a unified people in praise and adoration of God in song – ultimately we are preparing our hearts to meet with God. True worship is laying aside ourselves and resting in the presence of God.

It’s exciting to know that we have a great high priest – Jesus – who ultimately serves as the best worship leader. He calls our hearts to passionately pursue and radically depend on God. He draws us into the presence of God – an experience unlike any other. That is what Sunday morning worship services seek to do; not a removal from life’s anxieties, pressures, and struggles, but a sanctuary where even in the midst of chaos and craziness we can meet with our Maker, our Father, the Almighty God.

So we, as a ministry, continue to seek the Lord for guidance as to how to make less of ourselves and more of Him. We seek Him to minimize manmade distractions and let Him take the stage, so as to meet with Him Sunday mornings and each and every day! We continue to be blessed with incredibly gifted and giving people who desire to see God glorified as they lead His people in worship!

If you are interested in serving in any capacity through the worship ministry, please contact Worship Pastor Laurie Larson

Worship Team members can download the current and upcoming schedules by clicking on the link(s) below:


December Worship Team Schedule

January Worship Team Schedule


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