Light In The Pit

Light In The Pit

Sunday, January 10, 2021
Genesis 37:24 And they took him and threw him into a pit.
God takes the familial dirty laundry and throws it out in the open for all to see in Genesis 37. 

The family is Jacob’s family.
The one that gets thrown into a pit is brother #11 — Joseph. 
The culprits of the pit-throwing are Joseph’s own brothers.
The chapter talks about brotherly hatred, father favoritism, dreams of familial submission, and a colorful sport jacket that seemed to stir the pot for all of it!
The result was “the pits”…for all of them!

Joseph lived a life where “someone” was always pulling him out of a pit.
His brothers wallowed in lives of lies, deceit, guilt and shame–desperately needing “someone” to pull them out of their pit.
And, Jacob needed “someone” to help him out of his pit of control and grief. 
In the end (Genesis 50), we discover that God is ultimately that “someone.” God is the pit-puller-outer! In fact, Joseph’s exact words are: God meant it for good (50:20)! 

One of the values of all that scattered familial laundry before us (Jacob’s and perhaps even some of our own) is that we need not wait a lifetime to take the hand of the pit-puller-outer.

God — in, and through, and with, and out of the pit! Join us as we begin a study of Genesis 37-50 during our Sunday morning worship! 

-Pastor Brad Mann

Sunday, January 10, 2021
Light in the pit 
Genesis 37

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