Discipleship/Confirmation Sunday

May 10, 2020
This Sunday will be quite a celebration with our church family. The worship service will center around our Confirmation Class, giving testimonies and reciting important elements of our Christian faith. AND, it’s Mothers’ Day.

Remembering my own mom, I remember my friends calling her “the Wicked Witch of the West.” She was strict. But, interestingly, our house and yard were always filled with the neighborhood kids. My mom, in her strict personality, brought order and safety to our house…and all my friends loved it. Thanks, Mom.

This year, how about taking on another step in our Easter Challenge? I challenge you all, men and women, children and adults, to think of something special about your mother. Then say it out loud, in a prayer of thanks to the Lord. If they’re still in this world, send them a card or email with your personal memory written out. That will matter to them more than a generic greeting from Hallmark.

Also, think of and thank those who have served as mentors to our mothers. Older, experienced women who have been an example or intentional guide to young mothers.

Pastor Jeff

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