Immerse Kingdom :: 2 Kings

Immerse Kingdom :: 2 Kings

This will be our last week of reading through the IMMERSE: Kingdoms series, covering more than 800 years of Jewish history from—

  • Joshua leading God’s Chosen People over the Jordan River into the Promised Land,
  • to God using “a man after His own heart,” David, to establish the kingdom of Israel,
  • to Solomon building the Temple, the king’s palace and the wall around Jerusalem,
  • to the kings and people falling away from God and worshipping other gods and idols,
  • to murderous, evil kings dividing the kingdom, and now
  • to the total destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians.

Not fun, but an important lesson for our own trek through life on this earth. God loves us and wants to bless us, but we must stay true to his ways. Human history illustrates how easy it is to drift from Him and fall into destruction.

Is there any hope for us? Yes! God has given us a new king…Jesus!  Alone, we are a wreck waiting to happen, but if we stay connected and repent and return to Him if we wander off track, we are blessed and saved.

Just like in the days of God’s people 3,000 years ago, “as goes the king, so goes the people.”  The question before us today,
“Is Jesus your king?”

Pastor Jeff

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