Immerse Kingdoms :: II Samuel

Immerse Kingdoms :: II Samuel

Cruising through our IMMERSE: Kingdoms series, even having read through the Bible before, I’m amazed at all the wars, violence and brutality. Our impression of our “loving God” gets challenged a bit, especially when he gives commands to wipe out entire cities, leaving no survivors- men, women, children, and all the animals. Where is the God who tells us to love your neighbor as yourself and even love your enemies?

We’re getting a bigger picture of the evil world we live in and what God has to do to establish (and reestablish, over-and-over) His position as the one and only God. We might even catch a glimpse of ourselves in these stories as people who have been blessed, who are close to God, then who drift away and fall into the very sin we abhor.

This week I will take another look at David, the shepherd boy who becomes a national hero by standing against and defeating a threatening giant, then is crowned as a generous, kind-hearted king…and then like so many of us, falls prey to his inner, sinful nature. Even the man after God’s own heart is not immune. Is there any good news here? Is there any hope for us?

Stay tuned. The story isn’t over yet.

Pastor Jeff


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