Flammable Christians

Jesus said he came to bring fire on the earth. Now, he didn’t mean a physical fire. Even prehistoric cave men had fire. But Jesus came to bring a spiritual fire to light up the world. Fire is a symbol of spiritual reality. God is often identified with fire and fire is associated with the cleansing and purification that Jesus brings to us. And fire is symbolic of God’s Holy Spirit as He came down on those first Christians on Pentecost as tongues of fire.
Sadly, some churches have no fire. They’re cold. They have no light, energy or spiritual enthusiasm. They might “look” like a church, but they lack the essential element that Christ intends for His church, flammable people ignited with the Holy Spirit.
This week I will be talking about “Growing Up in the Lord.” Once we’ve been born again, we still have some growing up to do.
Pastor Jeff

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