Direction in the Bond

Direction in the Bond

Where is our “bond” with Jesus taking us? 

This week we will continue our series in which we are seeking to address the “gap of Easter” in how the resurrection of Jesus 2,000 years ago actually makes a difference in the here and now of our present lives. 

This week we will explore how our union with Christ – our “bond” with Jesus – helps define for us a direction in life. Some Christians become overly concerned about finding “God’s will” for their lives, and stress about somehow taking a misstep along the way. While the New Testament does not give us specific details on where to live, what job we should choose or where to go school, it does give us a way of thinking and a pattern to live by. A proverbial saying that is common in ministry circles and with pastors goes something like this: “God isn’t so much concerned about what you do with your future as He is about the kind of person you are becoming along the way.” This is not to imply that God doesn’t sovereignly lead and guide the details and direction of our lives (He certainly does!). Rather, the point I am making is that God’s ultimate concern for us is the spiritual development of our character; or, in biblical terms, that we are becoming people of the Spirit and growing into the image of Jesus Christ. 

So while we certainly need to prayerful about our future decisions in terms of jobs, schools, future spouses, etc., the prayer on our lips should always be that no matter what pathway we are on, that Christ would be exalted in our lives! (cf. Phil. 1:20-21).

I look forward to sharing more with you on this important topic this coming Sunday!


Pastor Grant

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