Security of the Bond

Security of the Bond

How secure is a Christian’s “bond” with Jesus? 

This week we will return to our sermon series on what it means to live in the NOW of Jesus’s present resurrected reign over the world. As we have seen from our studies so far, the temporal gap between Christ’s resurrection 2,000 years ago (the first Easter!) and our present day is filled by the “bond” of the Spirit. In other words, we are “bonded” by the Spirit through faith to Jesus Himself. While on this side of eternity we don’t yet see the glory of our salvation, we know that Jesus will appear again in human history and on that great day – whether we are alive to see it happen or experience it through being resurrected from the dead – we will at last be in the fullness of His presence with God the Father forever. What a day that will be!

However, for now, we must live with the reality that the world we live in is neither safe nor secure. Though we rely on our military, police, emergency services, etc. to provide “security” for our country and local communities, even they cannot guarantee our ultimate safety. So where do we turn? How can we experience “security” in our lives?

This week we will explore this question in more detail by examining together how our “bond” with Jesus brings God’s eternal “security” into our lives. Though this world is full of danger, sorrow and toil, we will see how through it all Christ does not ever abandon those whom God has brought to Him. But there is more! Through our “bond” with Christ we can be assured that in every trial and affliction God is working out our salvation and eternal good. More so, God actually uses these trials and afflictions to form our spiritual character in such a way that our lives actually reflect Jesus Himself!

I look forward to sharing more with you on Sunday!


Pastor Grant

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