Hebrews :: Jesus is the New Holy Place

Jesus is where God and humanity meet in a single person!
I know many Christians who, having determined to read their way through the entire bible, wind up quitting as soon as they hit the biblical “axis of confusion”: Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. It seems that the most avid and determined readers of the bible end up getting bogged down and hopelessly confused in this section of scripture. Admittedly, these are difficult texts to work through with all their varied descriptions of sacrifice, etc. However, the good news here is that Israel’s sacrificial system really does point to something wondrous and inspiring: the future salvation given to us in Jesus Christ!
This week in our series on the book of Hebrews we are going to learn about how Jesus has become the new “sacred space” wherein God and humanity meet together in fellowship and sanctified harmony. We will see how the construction of the tabernacle and all the sacrificial laws of Israel actually point to this greater reality of salvation in Christ. My hope is that after this message we will not only gain a better understanding of the Old Testament itself but also have a more robust vision of Jesus.
I look forward to rejoining you next Sunday!
Pastor Grant

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