Hebrews :: Jesus Is Better Than Melchizidek

Who is Melchizedek & why does it matter?
This week in our series in the letter of Hebrews we will explore the mysterious Old Testament figure named Melchizedek. Other than his encounter with Abraham in Gen. 14, Melchizedek does not appear again in any other narrative. However, in Psalm 110 God promises to His “anointed one” (most likely referring to King David) an eternal priesthood after the order of Melchizedek. Interestingly enough, Psalm 110 is the most often quoted Psalm in all of the New Testament, thus suggesting that there is more to Melchizedek’s significance than what we find in Gen. 14!
On Sunday, we will explore together why the writer of Hebrews felt it so important to compare the priesthood of Jesus with that of Melchizedek, and not the priests of Aaron. Additionally, we will also talk about what the old Western classics have in common (and, more importantly, what they don’t!) with Christianity – and how all of this ties back into how the priesthood of Jesus provides hope and encouragement for all believers.
I look forward to sharing more with you this weekend. Until then, be blessed!
See you Sunday!
Pastor Grant

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