Hebrews :: Jesus is a Better Sacrifice

Hebrews :: Jesus is a Better Sacrifice
Jesus is a better sacrifice!
So far in our study of Hebrews we have seen how the writer continues to emphasize to his readers that Jesus not only fulfills the Old Testament sacrificial system but that the sacrificial system itself was a shadow and copy of a greater salvation now revealed in Christ. Last week we saw how Jesus embodies a new “holy place” (i.e. temple) wherein God’s people can now have access to His presence in the Spirit. The key point I emphasized was that because of Jesus’ sacrificial offering of Himself, the sins we struggle with on a daily basis are actually forgiven sins. What this means is that in Christ there is literally nothing – yes, NOTHING – that can separate us from the love of God.
This week, Pastor Marty will finish out the rest of Hebrews 10, wherein the writer shows how Jesus is a better sacrifice that not only cleanses our sins but literally draws us into God’s salvation through the Spirit. What the temple and the priesthood could never accomplish for Israel, Jesus has literally done in His own life, death and resurrection. And because Jesus is now in the “holy place” of God’s presence in the heavens, the pathway to salvation and God’s presence is open to any and all who call upon the name of Jesus in faith.
I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday and learning from Marty’s teaching with you!
Pastor Grant

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