Immerse: Messiah – Discovering Jesus in Luke-Acts

Blog Post for Sunday, January 21, 2018

Have you met risen Jesus, who SAVES the world?

Hopefully by now most of you have started your weekly readings through the New Testament! The next two weeks we will concentrate on Luke-Acts, the longest compilation in the New Testament. Luke is the only Gentile (non-Jewish) author the New Testament has, so he gives us something of an “outsiders perspective” on the accounts of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. He was also a companion and close friend of the Apostle Paul, so Luke also gives us a rich look into not only Paul’s life but also how the early church grew and expanded in the years immediately following Jesus’ resurrection.
The key thing Luke wants to show us as readers is the way in which Jesus revealed Himself as our savior. Again and again throughout his narrative, Luke shows Jesus as the Savior who brings God’s salvation to the least and the lost. Again and again throughout his narrative, Luke shows how those who receive God’s salvation become radically transformed and restored people. Luke-Acts is full of hope and new possibilities – one of the many reasons it’s my favorite gospel!
This Sunday we will spend some time looking at the big picture Luke draws for us in showing how the risen Jesus SAVES all those who turn to Him in faith/repentance – and how He is still doing it today!
I am excited for this journey and for how God will use His word to change and grow us as a church family.
See you Sunday!
Pastor Grant




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