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Blog Post for Sunday, December 31, 2017


What can we anticipate from God for 2018?

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas this week!
As we wrap up our Advent series – and anticipate the arrival of 2018 – this week’s message will focus on the anticipation which Christmas promises. After the birth of Jesus, Luke tells us that Joseph and Mary took their newborn child up to Jerusalem to have him dedicated in the Temple. Upon entering the outer courts of the Temple, two people approached them and prophesy over the baby Jesus. The first prophesy, by a man named Simeon, foretells the world-wide salvation which this child will bring about as foretold by the prophets. The second one is given by an elderly woman named Anna, who foretells that Jesus will lead Israel in a “second exodus” from sin and death and into the very presence of God! In both cases, we are again reminded of the way in which our faith in Christ is rooted in the wider promises made to Israel concerning the promised salvation God has planned for the world.
Therefore we can join Mary, Joseph, Simeon and Anna – along with every faithful follower of Jesus from that time until now – in joyful anticipation of what God has for us, not only in the present moment, but also in the days ahead.
I will also be sharing about our upcoming church-wide bible reading campaign in which we will read through the ENTIRE New Testament together starting mid-January!
All in all, I am really excited about what God is doing to, in, and through us here at CCCov and look forward to more to come in 2018.
See you Sunday!
Pastor Grant




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