Middle School Recent Events

Here is what has been going on in the Middle School Youth Ministry

D/C at Presbyterian Manor and The LightHouse Winter 2020

All Church Christmas Caroling December 2019

30 Hour Famine 2019

We raised $3678 for hungry children through World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine.

We helped feed 92 children for a whole month! Kid’s fasted and fund raised.   These shelters were built from cardboard and newspapers! Students were instructed to make it large enough for their whole group to sleep in overnight as if they were homeless.

 Some students in 3rd world countries have sickness that causes blindness (we taped over an eye)  others have a damaged appendage from explosions in villages or disease (we put a sling on arms or or sacks on hands and feet), still others are tired and weak from lack of nourishment (heavy backpacks worn all evening) and a handful are healthy (thumbs up in the photo).


BELIEVE Conference 2019

This year 33 students and 7 adults attended the Christ In Youth Believe Conference in Kansas City, March 22-23.  The theme was “I Am” and we learned that I am a masterpiece, I am a child of God, I am the Church, I am a Kingdom worker.  The conference included Praise and Worship, rapper KJ52, and illusionist Zak Mirzadeh.  BELIEVE is a High-energy weekend event structured specifically for junior high students and is packed with powerful worship.


Telestrations is a new favorite youth group game. Whether you are an artist or not doesn’t matter. Caution – it gets LOUD at the end!

Bid Board Fundraiser

Kids were bid on for 3 hours of labor at a fundraiser. They had no idea what work they’d be purchased for. We emphasized pouring into a student while they work alongside you or with your kids.

Ashby House

Our D/C kids worked hard at the Ashby House in Salina on an In-Service school day. They sorted donations and helped clean and restock shelves. They moved a TON of boxed and canned food from one room to some designated storage rooms. The kids learned how important it is to receive an education, stay clean and sober, and to wait until you marry before conceiving a child. Financially, physically, and emotionally, the wrong decisions are long-term.

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