Be part of a something big as our church family goes on an exciting, 8-week journey reading through the entire New Testament – beginning Sunday, January 14, 2018!
Given the increasing rise in biblical illiteracy in our culture (and not mention the fact that few American Christians actually read their bible with any regularity, let alone have actually read the bible in its entirety!), we at CCCov want to go against these trends by being a church that is not only radically Word-centered but truly centered on the one whom the Word proclaims: Jesus Christ, the risen Messiah and Son of the living God! To help us do that, we will be using new material that our denomination (Evangelical Covenant Church of America) has provided for churches like ours to grow in our love for Jesus by growing in our understanding of God’s Word.
Below, after the list of “Messiah” resources, is an outline of what’s to come in Q&A format. We hope this will answer many of your questions, as well as get you excited about reading the New Testament together as a congregation AND together in your homes!
Feel free to connect with one of the staff members, your group leader, or someone at Starting Point on Sundays for questions.
MESSIAH GROUPS :: Everyone is highly encouraged to be part of a MESSIAH GROUP during the study! CLICK HERE to find one that fits your schedule and season of life! There is even one on Sunday morning!
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Messiah Resources

Books and resources will be available for pickup at Starting Point! If you are in a group, check with your leader to see if they will be picking up your resources and dispersing them at your first group meeting.

  • “Messiah” Book

    • Available at Starting Point or from your group leader
    • Cost of book: $8 (or whatever you can give!)
    • To purchase an E-Book for your Kindle, iPad, etc., CLICK HERE.
  • Family Reading Guide (PDF)
    • Printed guide (FREE) available at Starting Point
    • Great for families with children 8th grade and younger
  • Daily Audio & Weekly Video

What is “Immerse”?

“Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience” is a partnership our denomination has with Tyndale Publishing in the creation of reading/study materials to help congregations like ours read the Bible together as a community/family. The “Messiah” study, which we are doing this winter, helps congregations read through the WHOLE New Testament together over an 8-week period.

How does it work?

Each day there is roughly ten pages of reading (estimate around 30 minutes of time) from the “Messiah Bible” that will take you through major portions of the New Testament each week with the goal of having read it in its entirety by the end of the eight-week period. Sunday sermons will focus on doing a thematic overview of the week’s reading with a specific focus on how the individual authors of the New Testament help us “see” Jesus more clearly. Those in a group* will have a set of questions to go over each week about what you read, how it applies to life, etc. The Family Reading Version is available as well with more condensed readings so that families can read and discuss together each week. (These are also ideal for youth in 4th-8th grade.) Our hope is that we can not only do this as a congregation, but equip parents and children to read/learn/discuss together.

Why are we giving out new Bibles for this series?

To help whole families read and study scripture together, Tyndale has published the “Messiah Bible” which is the entire New Testament in thematic order without chapters or verses. In formatting the New Testament this way, we will read the scripture as it was received by the early church in the form of letters without chapter/verse breaks in order to get more of a feel for the overarching “story” of how God has revealed Himself to us in Jesus Christ. The reader-friendly version of the “Messiah Bible” is in the New Living Translation is ideal for kids, new believers and families to read together. It is not designed as a “study” bible but meant to be read through in large sections at a time and to give the reader the “big picture” of how scripture flows together.

Why did they change the order of the New Testament?

Good question! Ironically, the order of our English bibles is actually “out of order” itself in terms of when each letter of the New Testament was actually written. Editors in the middle ages decided on the thematic order of the books of the bible in accordance with their respective authors (which is why all of Paul, Peter and John’s material are bunched together). What the folks at Tyndale have done is arranged the “Messiah Bible” in a more thematic way in order to help readers see the larger picture of who Jesus is and why He is the center of everything. In other words, nothing sacred is being lost with the way the “Messiah Bible” is ordered.

What if reading 10 pages a day is too much to expect of me?

While we want to encourage everyone to give the weekly readings a try, we realize that not everyone is by nature a “reader” and some do much better as “auditory” vs. “visual” learners. In that case, the readings will be available in auditory form online. There are also online videos available which accompany the daily readings. Again, whether you are a reader or not, the goal is for all of us to be engaging scripture together in whatever format suits you best!

What if I don’t like or want to use the “Messiah Bible”?

No problem! You can certainly participate in the journey by doing the daily readings in the bible of your own choosing. The “Messiah Bible” is simply a tool to help enhance our reading but if you are more comfortable with your own bible or a different version, you are welcome to do what works for you. Again, our goal is to get our congregation to READ and DISCUSS scripture TOGETHER regardless of the bible/version that is being used. 
If you do choose to use your own bible, CLICK HERE for a list of the readings for each day.


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